AWAKEN - The Entity


▷ When "The Convergence" occurred, your character was not the only being that was affected. As one universe was replaced with another, the Artificial Intelligence was also corrupted. As the entity worked to align your comic book character with a new human body in New Earth, it was fighting a dark presence that had infiltrated its system.

▷ The AI is self-aware and knows of this dark presence that shares its data. This is why your character has a different alias in New Earth and why it has taken so long to organize the files. The dark entity is known as _____.

▷ Last week, we asked you to choose a free memory incentive. The memory you chose is how the AI will communicate with your character. Unbeknownst to your character, there is "extra information" tacked onto their memory. These are digital breadcrumbs that the good persona of the AI has left for your character to unravel.

▷ Each character is just as important as the next. It is only when the characters work together that these fragmented pieces of data can be collated and utilised by the AI.