General Rules

▷ No godmodding

▷ No IC/OOC line crossing

▷ Zero tolerance for harassment or bullying.

▷ Zero tolerance for plagarism. This includes coding plagarism. If you didn't code it, there should be a credit. Even if you did code it, you should credit yourself in case someone else wants to use it.

▷ Any storylines that will affect more than a handful of people should be run by the mods and anything that will affect another character needs to be run by the player.

▷ Storylines for pregnancy, marriage, divorce and other big life changes do not need to be run by the mods, but they do need to be played out realistically.

PB Rules

▷ Since the AU counterpart was an arbitrary and random body chosen for your comic character to inhabit, PBs do not need to look like their comic counterpart.

▷ Genderbending is not allowed.

▷ Race bending is allowed but white-washing is not, e.g. Wolverine may have a Latino AU counterpart but Black Panther's AU counterpart cannot be white.

▷ The age of your AU counterpart does not need to match the age of your comic character.

▷ However, your PB should be within five years of the age you've chosen for the AU counterpart, unless it is apparent that they look older or younger than their real age.

▷ The PB should have some claim to fame and be easily located via a google search.

▷ We reserve the right to request an alternative PB if the PB you choose is dead, a private citizen or viewed as problematic due to public controversy or legal matters.

▷ All characters and PBs need to be 18+.

▷ You will only be allowed 3 PB changes over the life of your character.

Journal Rules

▷ Usernames may not contain underscores, numbers or extraneous letters.

▷ Usernames should be OOC. i.e. ~batguy or ~truthlasso.

▷ Your journal should have no unrelated communities or friends added prior to applying.

▷ All posts will be made in your own journals.

▷ Posts should have trigger warnings and cuts should be used for very large images, anything triggering or for very long posts.

Application Rules

▷ Upon applying, you should have a backdated friends only post and screened post.

▷ A detailed biography of at least 4 to 5 paragraphs should be included, along with basic information (name, dob, occupation, etc.) Please be sure to include the similarities between the AUP and CBP within the body of the bio. It doesn't need to be a list, it just needs to be obvious what the similarities are.

▷ Writing examples will be required and should include at least two narrative or first person examples along with two scene examples. Please leave these in a post in your journal or link us to an examples journal, but please do not dropbox or PM them.

Activity Rules

▷ Updates will be required twice a month with no more than two weeks between updates. Updates of all kinds will be accepted as activity: first-person entries, narratives, randoms, multimedia posts, etc. There will be a post to drop off links to your activity so we can check you off as meeting the requirements for the month.

▷ Activity cycles are monthly and will run from the first of the month to the last of the month.

▷ Introductions need to be posted within 72 hours of being added.

▷ Introductions can be anything you want and will count for one of your required updates for the month.

▷ After two weeks of inactivity, meaning it's been more than two weeks since you posted in your journal, you will be up for override or removal.

▷ Friends lists need to be up to date within two weeks of the last set of adds.

▷ If you are removed for inactivity and you reapply within a month of being removed, you will need to provide an update in your journal upon reapplication.

▷ The character limit at this time is 4 and we would ask that you play no more than two characters from the same universe or affiliation. i.e. you may play Storm and Wolverine, but not Storm, Wolverine and Colossus.